About Me

I am currently a Senior in computer science at the University of Illinois. My ideal career would involve systems programming and working with GNU/Linux systems. I have eleven years of programming experience and an extensive array of personal software projects; many are available on Github (http://github.com/quytelda).

My Professional Skills

Systems Administration


My Hobbies


I've been fascinated with computers my whole life. I first picked up on HTML when I was in sixth grade, and I was quickly hooked. I read books on PHP, CSS, then C, Java, Haskell, Python, Ruby, etc. I've continued my computer science studies at the University of Illinois, where I have found I most enjoy systems programming on Linux/Unix systems. Lately I have been working on learning how to submit Linux kernel patches.


I've had a keen interest in archery since middle school, when I started taking lessons at the local range. Despite the fact the range eventually closed, I held on to my interest and picked it up again at university. Currently I shoot a 50lbs Bear Threat with a 10" BeeStinger stabilizer. My quiver is a specially modified Easton Deluxe Field Quiver; I removed the quiver belt and replaced it with a velcro strap that fits around my legs, allowing the quiver to rest on my shoes.

Language Construction

For as long as I can remember I have been inventing scripts and language. Originally, the interest derived from my interest in cryptography, but it quickly took on a life of it's own when I started creating fantasy worlds where my languages could grow and be spoken. Now I create complete languages, cultures, mythologies, and art in the world called Quin. The figure to the left is an mystical animal figure called a kahja, which appears at several key points during Tamélin myth (notably the beginning and end of the world).