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I’m glad you want to get in touch with me! The fastest way to reach me is by email or text message any time, but you can also give me a call between 10:00 and 20:00 PST/PDT.

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My PGP public key fingerprint is: CD63 B6AB 8290 736C EF98 B76B 0804 4B28 DC15 DDE2. You can download a copy of my public key at https://tamalin.org/assets/pgp/quytelda.pub. To download and import my public key into GPG, use the following commands (make sure to include the https in the URL):

$ curl -O https://tamalin.org/assets/pgp/quytelda.pub
$ gpg --import quytelda.pub

I sign all of my commits and versioned software releases with this PGP key.