Software Projects

I have been programming as a hobby and career for over a decade, and during that time I have started more than a few projects, most of which are open source. Here are some of the highlights; to see more, visit my GitHub page at https://github.com/quytelda.

FOCS (libfocs)

FOCS is a data structure library implemented in C, designed to provide common data structures to C programs. Additionally, FOCS aims to provide a functional programming bent to these data structures providing common functional utilities like map and foldr/foldl that can be used with any of these data structures.


Babel is a small utility written in Haskell that generates random sequences based on a context free grammar (CFG). The software allows you to build a context free grammar using the familiar rule-based syntax (e.g. S -> a | b | c), then generate strings from it. Babel can be used as a word generator or - with cryptographically secure random number generation support - a password generator.

Kernel Theme for Jekyll (jekyll-theme-kernel)

Jekyll is a static site generator most notable for it’s integration with GitHub and extensive theming support. The Kernel Theme is a simple minimalist Jekyll theme inspired by https://www.kernel.org. In fact, this website uses the Kernel Theme. You can also use the Kernel Theme for your website using the Ruby gem jekyll-theme-kernel or by using GitHub’s remote themes plugin.